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Our moonshot goal is to build human-like machines with human-like minds, like Data from Star Trek. We focus on the intersection of social science (in particular the science of human social interactions), AI, and robotics. We believe that artificial general intelligence (AGI) is one of the most fundamental and powerful technologies that could ever be developed. Our focus on building AGI, via the development of empathy in machines, is the result of a carefully considered and thoughtful strategy. We want to maximize the chance that, if Sanctuary does develop AGI, it will lead to immense social and economic good. We care deeply about changing our world for the better. And we are looking for extraordinary fellow travellers to join us.


Open Positions

Currently, there are no open positions.


Our Culture

We care deeply about making the world a better place. We value technical excellence, empathy, communication skills, beauty in the artefacts we create, and teamwork. We take success at being first to AGI seriously.